Sales not Affected with the Launch of WP 8, Says Nokia

Sales not Affected with the Launch of WP 8, Says Nokia

There has been a lot of positive news in recent days regarding Nokia’s earnings. While earlier, there was news of Nokia selling near about 4 million Lumia phones in Q2 and also that the sales figure in the United States has almost doubled, the latest news released by Nokia is related to Windows Phone 8.

When the Windows Phone 8 was launched, it was being said that this could affect the sales in coming time due to lack of upgrade to WP8 in the current Windows Phone devices. But, the rumors were washed off by Stephen Elop who said that Nokia Lumia sales figure is seeing a flat upward curve ever since the announcement of WP8. He further added that the current Windows Phone devices would be supporting WP8 update after its launch, something that we have been hearing from many Nokia people but wasn’t confirmed; not it is.

This shows that the situation is stable for Nokia. There has been a rise in shipping of devices across worldwide, including the United States. The cash rise amounted to round-about $125 million. Nokia is happy with the steady sales figure of Lumia devices after WP8 announcement. Thus, we don’t see any situation of panic for Nokia right now or in time to come.



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