How To: Backup Data on Nokia Lumia

How To: Backup Data on Nokia Lumia

One of the main concerns which people have with a new phone is how to back up their valuable data, and Nokia Lumia owners are no different. With Nokia Lumia devices, you never have to worry about losing your contacts, messages, photos, and music, as the OS offers a very simple process to back up your phone.

All Nokia Lumia phones use “Zune” (or for Mac users, Windows Phone 7 connector) software to enable transfer of data between your phone and a laptop or computer. It is advisable that you don’t change the computer or laptop you first used with your phone as that is the ‘primary’ computer linked with your device. Every time you connect your Lumia phone to your primary laptop to update software, Zune will automatically backup all the data, old and new. This cannot happen if you change laptops.

This automatic backup covers system and account settings, music, pictures, videos and documents. Unfortunately, all your downloaded apps may not be saved, but you can download them again from the market place for free. In case you change laptops, you must sync with Zune again using a USB cable as you did the first time. Simply syncing your Lumia phone to any laptop using Zune does not back up your data. But you can save whatever you wish by manually transferring it to your laptop; even if it is not the primary one. You can also sync your Lumia phone with Outlook. This will maintain a copy of your contacts, ready to retrieve and upload again in case you lose them.


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  1. Avrill says:

    I bought my nokia lumia 610 about 1month and i dont that you cant bluetooth data wherever and there is no backup system on the phone, after all ive been struggling and still do so whats the meaning of this 8gig storage space if u cant put data on or transfer anything. Soooo unhappy because im stuck with this phone for 24 months

  2. How do u get data for your phone

  3. Becky says:

    I am having trouble with my Nokia phone..i have lost the following,contacts,email window,unable to syc,open,receive emails,locked out of Facebook,Google,Microsoft, phone security has locked me out with email address that I don’t know. My keyboard when I type has bright red highlights when I tap keys so you can see what letter I am typing…something or someone is playing on my phone and not in a good way. I think someone I know copied my phone to his laptop.i have no proof and I really want to just move on..if someone can help in this matter I would appreciate it. I have tried to connect to websites with security but when I try to download my phone starts acting up again. bekayn Gmail I have been locked out of this but I’m trying…

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