How To: Arrange Icons on Nokia Lumia

How To: Arrange Icons on Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia devices offer a unique tile based layout not found on any other mobile platform – Apple’s iOS or Android. This UI, called the Metro UI, has won the adulation and appreciation of millions of fans all over the world and gives the Windows Phone platform a distinct look. However, at present, the tile layout is somewhat restricted and customization is limited to an extent.

The start screen of your phone contains all the icons in the form of tiles. The default icons include some common icons used by majority of users when they first begin to use their phone. You can replace or rearrange them to suit your needs. In order to add an app icon to your screen, click on the menu option, and then hold on to the item or icon you want to add to your start screen. Next, select ‘pin to start’. It will now appear on the home screen.

If you wish to re-arrange already pinned icons, start by selecting and holding the tile you wish to arrange for four seconds. You then drag it to the location you want to fix it on the screen. Lastly, you have to press the Windows icon at the bottom of the screen. It is advisable to arrange the icons early on in your phone using experience with Nokia Lumia as the more options and apps you use, the more difficult it will be to choose and arrange the important icons. You may also want to place tiles you use most often at the top to allow you to access them as quickly as possible.


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