Lumia Game #60: Soccer Badges

Lumia Game #60: Soccer Badges

This game is real fun for soccer lovers. It is published by Cole apps and is released on 16th July 2012. The download size of this game is only 3 Mb. It requires windows Phone 7.5, music and video library, owner’s identity and data services.

This game is the test of your love for soccer. It has more than 140 badges of different soccer teams. It includes clubs and nations both. Many of your friends will insist that they know all the scores teams around the world. You can test their knowledge. Ask them to identify the team with its badge, see if they can recognize all of them. You can also use the hints if you get struck at some point. The hints will help you to identify the team.

This game is really interesting and you will have playing it with your friends. This game is getting good review form the users.

App price: free


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