Lumia Game #61: Logo Quiz

Lumia Game #61: Logo Quiz

This is an interesting game for those who love brands of different products. You can find such freaks around you, which are really conscious about brands. This game is real fun for them. This logo quiz game guesses the name of different companies from their logos. Al the brands are well recognized brands, which are known all around the world. These are brands of different products, like cars, clothes, foods, drinks and many others.

You have to identify the logo in shortest period of time, when you will recognize the specific number of logos, correctly, you will upgrade to next level. You can also ask for the hints if you cannot recognize a logo. After recognizing 4 logos, you earn a hint which you can use whenever you get struck. You will love to play this game with your friends and it will be real fun to see that who can recognize more logos.

App price: free


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