Lumia Game #62: Fruit Fish – A Real Fun Game

Lumia Game #62: Fruit Fish – A Real Fun Game

Many people call this the funniest game, available on the window phone platform. This is simple so people of all ages can play it easily. This game has a large verity of fish species, some of them can be harvested immediately, while some others take long. Fish produces different fruits and you have to save these fruits. You can exchange these fruits for rare species of fish.

This game is easy to play, but you have to be attentive as well. You have to go to fish store to buy a certain number of fish. Fish hungry to buy fish food, but be careful and keep an eye on the icon on the top as every fish is different so the fish food is also different. The number of fish is limited, but after a certain level you can upgrade your fish tank. You have to feed the fish as regular intervals; as if they are hungry they will not produce the fruits.

App price: free


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