Lumia Game #63: Prizm Scramble – Enhance Your Memory

Lumia Game #63: Prizm Scramble – Enhance Your Memory

This one of the recent games releases on 16th July 2012. Prizm Scramble is published by Virtual Apexx LLC and its version. It requires Window Phone 7.5 or higher. The download size of this game is 10 Mb only.

The game has 250 levels of brain teasing fun; this puzzle game will keep you busy for long. Prizm will play a great role in enhancing your memory and reflexes. All you have to do is, simple matching the tiles of matching colors and earn points. You will not get the points but will earn extra time as well, as you have to complete each level in a specific given time. You have to memories the color of titles, when they show their color, because they will go blank again after a short period of time. You have to select the same color titles, before they shuffle again. You have to be really quick as titles will not remain the same for long.

App price: free


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