Lumia Game #64: Tap The Worms

Lumia Game #64: Tap The Worms

This is the most recent game released on 17th July of the current year. The game requires 7.5 or higher window phone. It uses data services and music and video library. This addictive game is developed by the Tech Guerrillas. Once a player starts this game, he cannot stop himself from playing it for long.

As the name suggests, this game is all about different worms. When player starts this game worms omit from a hole and spread here and there. The player has to tap these worms, as much as he can, in limited lives provided to him. If he fails to tap some worms, they will be gone out of the screen.

There are three types of worms, golden, green and red. Player should not kill the golden ones, as they are helpful during the game. He has to kill all the green worms. Red worms are the disastrous ones. They will blast and carry all green worms.

App price: free


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