Lumia App #73: Pace Calculator

Lumia App #73: Pace Calculator

Runswift Pace Calculator is the best pace calculator you can find on any platform today. It has organized and definite calculations showed on single screen. It has even conversions that are neatly shown. Actually, Runswift Pace Calculator was exclusively made for running yet it can also be used to calculate time, pace, distance and splits for any sport. It is user friendly hence you can use and navigate it with convenience. Other than that, it has functional and effective tools that can calculate basic pace. Furthermore, it can calculate pace from time and distance, time from distance and pace as well as distance from time and pace. Splits can also be calculated for a given distance and pace. Splits can be assessed by mile, kilometre or 400m. It also delivers steady time for normal distances and show predicted times for common distances.

App price: Free


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