Lumia App #74: Chuck Norris

Lumia App #74: Chuck Norris

No doubt, Chuck Norris himself loves this app because it is considered as the best Chuck Norris App made exclusively for Windows Phone. This app lets you use Metro style and Live Tile. It also searches for facts that you want to know about Chuck Norris, his life, personality, movies and more. There are over than 600 facts in this application. Nevertheless, these are only comproved facts about Chuck Norris. You just have to swipe your search to be able to see the succeeding facts as well as the previous facts. It lets you search for facts easily including facts that you searched and found a few weeks or even months ago. Other than that, there is a slideshow tool that lets you browse updated facts without the need for user interaction. Hence, if you want to know more about Chuck Norris you can download this app for free.

App price: free

BTW: Chuck Norris uses Lumia 900 with WP8!


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