Lumia App #76: W Phone 8 – WP8 Start Screen Free

Lumia App #76: W Phone 8 – WP8 Start Screen Free

Have you seen the new Windows Phone 8 start screen? Do you love its features? Here is a realistic model of the new start screen and you can download it for free. This application for Windows Phone 8 lets you resize the tiles according to your preferences: small and large tiles. You can also “install” apps as well as alter the colors upon your wish. Furthermore, you can design layouts and customize layouts. This way, you can easily spread the news to your friends that Windows Phone 8 is now available.

However, you have to remember that this app is just a recreation of the original app and is just used for entertainment. Microsoft didn’t make or produced this app and this is not related to them. Then again, here are the amazing features of this app: (1) resize tiles (2) install new apps (3) change theme colors.

App price: Free


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