The Windows Phone is about to benefit from the AT&T pushing “Sell anything but the iPhone”

The Windows Phone is about to benefit from the AT&T pushing “Sell anything but the iPhone”

I think that all of us knows that the iPhone is going through a black time because of the massive subsidies regarding the profit provided by the iPhones. Now, according to the BGR’s statistics, AT&T wants to push the iPhone to increase its profit, as the both Android and Windows Phone do. Also, AT&T sources say that the customers are heading towards Windows Phone than the other two platforms, as they are more interested into the Nokia Lumia 900 than the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy SII. As we now, many users out there are heading to iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy SII or Samsung Galaxy SIII, but the sellers have been instructed to show the users or buyers the Windows Phone devices, as they can make them change up their minds and benefit from another great product, with Windows Phone label.

In some places, the AT&T forbidden the acquisition of the iPhones and its devices or accessories, so that the people can choose from an Android Smartphone or a Windows Phone. According to the statistics, iPhone had a big decrease in sales, as the analyst say, because they were 28,4 million devices expected to be sold, but they were sold up to 26 million. Also, the Windows Phone has now an open path to sell its devices against the competitive iPhone, which made up to 72% of its target, which will drop dramatically until the end of 2012 at about 50 to 60% (these numbers were given by the BGR sources). So, from now on, all the users will have to choose from both Android and Windows Phone, as these are better devices, with a lot of advantages.



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