Lumia App #77: SoMee Free

Lumia App #77: SoMee Free

About a week ago, a new application was released and can be found in the Marketplace. We are talking about SoMee, which is a free application (but like many others, it can be found fully active at a price of $1.99) which is a Windows Phone tool, which provides you with lots of options, such as filters for the images, which can be uploaded directly to the both Facebook and Twitter; other advantage is that you can track the likes and comments from each picture directly on your Facebook account. This application acts just like the Instagram or Facebook application: you can select or take a new picture with your device, but with this tool, you can also apply multiple effects to your pictures.

All the options are displayed above the picture, so that it won’t be needed to save your current project while you want to choose another effect or to input another changes. After you have finished editing the picture, all you have to do is to post it on Facebook or Tweeter. You can track every single like or comment with the SoMee tool, so that you will stay up to date with your notifications, while on Tweeter, you can’t see the comments and tweets, so this could be the disadvantage of this application. Also, this tool doesn’t have a live tile, but overall, it is quite good. Also, it is deserving to be downloaded right away, if you don’t have another image editor that connects directly to these social networks.

App price: Both free or paid


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