Lumia App War 2: Nokia Maps vs Bing Maps

Lumia App War 2: Nokia Maps vs Bing Maps

As we all know, Nokia Maps is an exclusive application, that can be found once with the acquisition of any Lumia model. What does this means? Well, this application is integrated only with the Nokia’s Windows Phones. But now, don’t confound Nokia Maps with Bing Maps, as they are two different applications, integrated into the same system, which promises a very fast access as you can see (search key -> search something -> choose result -> swipe to the right hand side and choose it from the list). Other method to search a place, is to search into the applications settings, or to introduce the keyword into the search text box. Personally, I think the best solution is the last one, as it is very easy to type a place over the search box to find it quicker, because not many users out there that are using Nokia Maps, posted the application onto the main screen of their Smartphone (I mean on the home screen). Also, you can type the POI, the address and the regions directly onto the search box, like in the example: Homestreet 15, 00000 hometown.

Another interesting feature brought by this application, is that you can search for something to eat, for example: ‘sandwich’ or ‘hamburgers’ or ‘chicken’ and so on and the application will show you below all the places nearby. After the place is found, you can see the details, like reviews, menus, prices, photos numbers (so you can get in touch very quick with that place) or even other places, restaurants and so on nearby. You have other options, such as how to get there by car, by public transport or even by foot (it will display you the route step by step). The inconvenient is that the place isn’t linked to the both Nokia Drive or Nokia transit applications and this is all the fault of the Windows Phone 7.5, that does not support these ones, so in this case, you can’t reach there with the car, as it doesn’t provide all the available pieces of information, just like in the case of the navigation software. So, this is a big minus for this application, as you can just plan a route, for example: ’first I want to go to McDerp, after that I will visit my parents and then I will get some vegetable at Wall Derp for my Date with Derpina’, as it is a very useless point.

Overall, there are lots of settings available for this application, which will be shown in the next rows, so that you can get rid of those which aren’t useful, by switching them on or off, like in the cases above:

The buttons for zooming (just an alternative to multi touch, so you can turn that off)
Location service
Show favorites on map
Synchronize favorites (with the Nokia Servers -> needs a Nokia account)
Then there is also an option for the unit of measurement: Metric, Imperial UK or Imperial US

Well, here is a much better help, from someone that it is experimented in this application. Here is what he says about it: “For now that’s all I can show you. The integration of Groupon isn’t available in my country, so I’m not able to demonstrate it (no, I can’t search a place in an American region and take a look on its deals. Groupon in Nokia Maps is completely blocked in Germany), but as soon as I get access to it, I will make another review. I personally think it is a good mapping application, but it is not much better than Bing Maps. Bing Maps is integrated into the system and starts faster, also there is an option for copy and paste which Nokia Maps does not support. Nokia Maps is good for people who use the public transit very often, but even those people should use a different application (which is not made by Nokia) because Nokia supports only a hand full of regions with public transits. If you have a Nokia account and many favorites in the cloud, then I would say use Nokia Maps, but if it is not problem to type those favorites manually into Bing Maps, use this, at least it supports copy and paste and a faster access, so you can get directions much easier. Users of non-Nokia Windows Phones do not need to be jealous about this application, it isn’t that much better than Bing. It is hard to explain the small differences in a text, so take a look at this, and decide which one is better for you (Blue: Nokia Maps wins, Green: Bing Maps wins).”

Traffic: Both
Integrated into the system: Bing (Nokia Maps is just linked)
Which one starts faster?: Bing (Nokia Maps starts in 3 seconds, after 10 seconds the map is shown. Bing starts directly and the map is shown directly, too, as Bing saves the maps on the phones memory, which Nokia Maps doesn’t)
Offline?: None (but Bing saves the map of the regions you already searched in on the phones memory)
Access to show all places nearby without searching for specific POI: Nokia Maps (but as far as I know Bing Maps, too, but only in the U.S. over a fourth button in the search application)
Directions by public transit: Nokia Maps
Place places on start screen: Both
Searching by voice: Bing
Turn by turn with voice commands: None
Just by the way: There is no difference in the map itself, as Bing uses Nokia’s NAVTEQ mapping technology.



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