Lumia App #78 : Munchkin Battle Companion

Lumia App #78 : Munchkin Battle Companion

This is a app, based on cards, which has a great worldwide success. It is a game, which keeps track in resolving battles with different monsters, to recognize the player and the level statistics, so this makes the Munchkin Battle Companion is a pretty good card game. This game comes with the 1.2 version, but it is updated continuously, being added new options, features, making and keeping all the users very satisfied. The game let’s you choose from a list, any available player to play against, if he is about to participate at a new game or challenge. At the user Panorama, any player adds or removes the players from their own database, just to reach and access their statistics page. When you are going to start a new game, the application will guide you directly to the Running Game Panorama, where you can adjust your level for you and your other players.

Now, there are buttons in a thermometer that is showing the levels and when they are used, they level up or down the game. Also, in the second page, there is a player versus monster battle, so that you can choose from being the player or monster, among with the adding or subtracting the battle bonuses for every played card against both of them. You should notice that when you are reaching level 10, the game ends and the acquired level of the player are added for statistical purposes, so in time, you can see your performances made at any modes of this game.

Also, the first page is dedicated for the players statistics, where the first two indices are showing the number of the games won, while the other shows the total amount of levels played by you. Again, the second two indices represents your performance, as the following: ” the percentage of games won in relation to all the games played by a player and the average number of levels gained by the player per game. The second game of the Panorama is for PvP comparisons. The comparison fields are the percentage of games won and the average number of levels gained since they are independent of the total number of games a player has played. The last Panorama page contains four top 3 list of the players with the highest score in the fields measured by the player statistics.”

As we all got used to, the game comes with a trial version, while the full version costs only 0.99 €. In my opinion, you should try the full version at this price.

App price: $0.99


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