Sprint will not be releasing a Windows Phone 8 devices

Sprint will not be releasing a Windows Phone 8 devices

Well, the Sprint has always been a great manufacturer, but it had never such a positive impact onto the Windows Phone, regarding the famous handsets from HTC Arrive, Nokia and of course the ones for iPhone. The Sprint VP, David Owens known as the AllthingsD, gave a suggestion regarding this handset: it won’t be released for Windows Phone 8 until the new OS is going to be launched, as he is saying in this press conference:

“The market impact of both Windows 8 and the next iPhone are also key factors that are a bit hard to predict, Owens said.
As for Windows 8, Sprint said it wants to be actively involved, but may not lead the charge. It sees some clear opportunities but is also mindful that its last Windows Phone, the HTC Arrive, was one of the more returned products in the company’s recent history. Owens said that many buyers of that phone were coming from Android and found Windows Phone’s unique operating system hard to get used to.”

He did however tell Phonescoop they will not be sitting out the Windows Phone game completely, suggesting at least one token handset will be coming to the carrier eventually. Also  he added the following:

“We think Windows Phone 8 is a solid product that they are bringing to market. We’re interested in watching it unfold over the course of the next year. And we won’t be watching from the sidelines. We’ll be participating. We may not lead it, but we’ll participate. The Sprint already had 90% of their late 2012-2013 lineup in place and Microsoft’s place was still unclear. With even Sprint’s MVNO promising a Windows Phone it seems likely that anyone hoping for a great Windows Phone selection on the carrier will have a very long wait.”

Let’s just hope that those handsets will be launched until the end of this year.


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