New details about the Dev Center application for Windows Phone 8

New details about the Dev Center application for Windows Phone 8

Now, here is the brand new updated Dev Center (the old version was called Hub application). It has a much more interesting design then the old one (which was a big joke for the users, but just because of its aspect). Also, I think that you noticed that it has changed its name from Hub to Dev Center, because of its improvements.

The new graphs of this application looks fabulous
This application is quite similar with the old one, as we see the same dashboard and wise functionality. The tool shows your payments made, received and the total payouts, but among these, it displays the available, the downloaded and the top applications for the last month. Also, this tool hides the crash number of your main page, just to make the developers to think that the application doesn’t meet any problems…but it does. The graphs looks much better than the old ones, as they are interactive, so this is the great part of it. Also, you can hang across the graph, to see when it is the exactly date of the downloads. Another good things, is that you can filter the downloads, so you can see the country from where it was downloaded, feature that wasn’t possible in the old version

The In-App purchases are 100% supported by the Windows Phone 8
Overall, the new Dev Center application comes integrated with In-App Purchases, though those In-App products are supported only by the Windows Phone 8.


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