Lumia App #79: 7Dialer

Lumia App #79: 7Dialer

This is the greatest launched application, because it allows you to call any of your contacts very quick with this 7Dialer tool. It loads very fast, so you just have to launch this application and after that you have to use its keyboard to search for the contacts that you want to get in touch via call, SMS or even email. You should try it out, as it save a lot of your time, while you are searching among your phone contacts. There you will also find a tab, where you can select from your contacts for a quicker access your family, friends and so on. Also, you can set up this application, to show your people directly to the wall. Other features, are: the customizable dial tones, the background image for key pads and the breathing effects. It also has different start screen types, so that you can select from a list which one you like, or you can keep your old one, as it also has the default options, for keeping the OEM look.

Here are the features of this application:
– smart dialing/filtering either with number pad or characters pad
– very fast app startup
– option to call, SMS or email
– “call later” reminders
– pin contacts as Live Tiles to start screen, as a to-do related to a contact
– fullscreen People wall (aka favorites) with customizable layouts
– dial tone sounds
– breathing effect for contact tiles
– live tile display options
– copy & paste
– customizable and automatic dialing prefixes
– call history (outboud)
– option to add/edit contacts
– date on system tray bar
– automatic contacts sync
– quick voice mail shortcut
– call timer
– estimated outbound total talk time
– custom background for dialpad
– download page.


Also, you can get the full version now, for only $0.99. In the full version, you can benefit of:
– faster app loading
– no advertisements
– more space for contacts list
– outbound call stats.


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