Interview with Jaxbot; famous Windows Phone Hacker

Interview with Jaxbot; famous Windows Phone Hacker

I read a few days ago an article from 1800PocketPC, where the admin has posted an interview, taken from the famous Windows Phone Hacker, right from the eponymous website. His name is Jaxbot and was revealed as being a student, a hard-working one, who dealt with the Linux system, but now he started hacking the Windows Phone systems. He is currently focusing onto the Samsung brand, but it is obviously that he doesn’t use his own phone to call someone, to text messages or to email and so on, as we noticed that his Xbox Hub was completely empty.

Also, here is what he said about the Windows Phone, as being a mobile OS:

“Currently, with WP7 and the way it’s advertised, I don’t see it competing directly against the other players. I feel like WP has it’s own niche, a place for people who want a simple, sleek, fast phone, who are not overly concerned with being able to power-use their phone in the way iOS or Android users do. I say this because the capabilities of the phones are very different; Android allows much more flexibility in applications and the feel of the system is quite different, and reminds me of the good days with my Windows Mobile devices (except, in this case, much more usable). WP has a very limited scope for applications, and focuses on a consistent, fast, secure user experience, which certainly has its advantages. The way Microsoft leads the platform will determine a lot of things, but simply put, I feel like WP currently serves a role in the market that is rather different from other two big platforms. He notes that the developer unlock system is the same in Windows Phone 8 as Windows Phone 7, and expected the homebrew scene to continue even in with the new OS.”



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