Lumia App #81: Mega Avatars

Lumia App #81: Mega Avatars

This is an app offered by MMMOOO free of charge! The Mega Avatars allows you the opportunity to customize your avatar. This means you give it a personality all its own by changing the hair, eyes, skin, eyebrows, lips, accessories, and clothing. You then can save the avatar and use in different networks. It is great to use for Facebook, Twitter, Forums, or any other social network.

You can change your avatar as often as you like so you are ready to enjoy your day by showing your mood via your own personal avatar. After you change all the hair, skin, eyes, lips, and eyebrows, you can then change the clothing your avatar is wearing for the time of day or your mood but do not forget the accessories. A couple of accessories you may wish to use are earrings or a yoga mat. You can actually have thousands of looks which certainly makes your avatar more personal.

App price: Free


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