How To: Upload videos to the cloud with Nokia Lumia

How To: Upload videos to the cloud with Nokia Lumia

There are many different advantages to keeping Nokia Lumia photos in the cloud which can also be done with videos. There are a few different tools you can use which are listed below.

The difference between photos and videos is videos take up more space on your Nokia. With the 8GB’s of storage there is plenty room for apps, music tracks, photos, and videos but talking a lot of videos will quickly reach the memory capacity.

In most cases, you will want to see the videos on a large screen and even share so if you store them online it will save you time and make them accessible quickly.

The #1 tool is SkyDrive which comes with Nokia Lumia. In order to upload the video just got into the camera roll, find the video you want to share, under the option menu choose Share on SkyDrive.

That’s it! Now you can easily access the video from any device by logging into your SkyDrive account.

The next way to upload is by using the Vimeo app. The Vimeo website is a more classy YouTube website that you can access with your windows phone app. To upload open the Vimeo app and log in. Choose Upload on the start screen, hit the New button found at the bottom, press the camera icon, begin recording, when finished just hit stop and upload. You can now name your video, add a description, tags, and your sharing options. When finished just hit the OK and it will upload. It will take about an hour before you watch the video as Vimeo will convert the file before you can view it. For those that do not want to wait, Vimeo has a paid option account which will allow you to have more storage space and be able to upload unlimited HD.


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