VIP Developers Already Working on Windows Phone 8 Apps

VIP Developers Already Working on Windows Phone 8 Apps

As the Windows Phone 8 update is expected to be released round about the month of September, this news kind of confirms the fact. It is being rumored that the access of Windows Phone 8 has been already given to VIP Developers by Microsoft. These are the same developers who had been there to work during the span period of Windows Phone 7 platform.

Basically, these developers would be developing their applications so as to prepare a strong base for the WP 8 update at its launch. The handsets under them are put to certain monitoring conditions that are quite strict. Also, these are said to be Nokia prototypes, similar to how the current Nokia Lumia devices are.

All in all, it is a good move by Microsoft making sure that WP8 will be ready before its launch and that will, in turn, help in giving it a good kick-off.



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