Nokia Lumia 900 Tango Update out in USA & Canada

Nokia Lumia 900 Tango Update out in USA & Canada

After a few leaked documents were released last week related to Tango update on Nokia Lumia 900, it was a pretty sure thing that the update would actually be released soon. The build of software is 8779 and will also be including the new firmware. To know if the update is up and out, you can plug into Zune to know more.

To talk about some of the other fascinating features of this update, there’s flip-to-silence, absence of purple hue and a much-improved camera quality, as expected. Some small additions, like new wallpapers, MMS options and a default Contacts share app, have also been included in the update.

It is interesting to note that there a slight difference in the addition of features released with Tango in USA and Canada. USA would receive flip-to-silence, improved camera quality, better battery quality and enhanced performance of startup sequence. On the other hand, Canada would have the Contacts Share app, better performance of proximity sensor and removal of purple hue in addition to the features updated in USA.

Just connect your Lumia 900 to your system to see if the update is up to be installed.



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