Another Leaked Frame of the New Nokia Lumia WP8

Another Leaked Frame of the New Nokia Lumia WP8

While earlier there was a leak related to the front frame of an upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8, here’s another leaked info regarding the same.

This on’e directly from the factory. The frame now leaked has a proto.nokia.com branding. The Nokia’s logo in this one is on the right side of the frame rather than in the centre. This could be an indication that the centered place might have been left for carrier branding, as in the case of Nokia Lumia 900 & AT&T.

Going by the sources, the screen of this new Windows phone 8 by Nokia will be 4-inch long. This is comparatively smaller than the one shown in the previous leak. Furthermore, it is also being said that none of these designs, neither this one nor the one in the previous leak, will be successors of the designs of current series of Nokia Lumia.

Seeing at the bottom of the front panel of this WP8 device, too much of space has been left. However, we will still have to wait for the final design of the device to be out to see if this space is actually not looking too sluggish.



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