Nokia has the Highest Share in WP Device Market

Nokia has the Highest Share in WP Device Market

Although there will be four official partners of Windows Phone 8 after its launch in October this year, Nokia is seeming to overtake the other three by a hefty lead already. Going by people’s opinions and pole, most of the users would like to prefer Nokia over other brands as their future phone when it comes to Windows Phone devices.

Since Nokia, Nokia has held the majority of share in the Windows Phone Market. This is mainly because of the amazing response that Nokia Lumia 900 got in the United States. Out of the total of 5.4 million windows Phone devices shipped, as much as 4 million of those devices were Nokia Lumia phones. This shows about 75% of the dominant share that Nokia has held till now.

Samsung stands as the biggest competitor in front of Nokia when it comes to Windows Phone. But the former is more interested in investing in the android phone market, which could also be one of the indirect reason for Nokia’s dominance in the WP market.



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