Verizon to Get Nokia WP8 Device This Fall

Verizon to Get Nokia WP8 Device This Fall

Verizon has not been seen that much associated with Windows Phone tag. They could be usually spotted with HTC mobile phones. And the reason they gave earlier for not supporting Windows Phone is the absence of LTE support. And now that Windows Phone 8 will be enabled with it, Verizon is likely to get WP8 device this fall.

In addition to LTE support, there are quite many other powerful features as well that were of Verizon’s interest. The WP8 devices under Verizon will be up for sale around the holidays this fall, claims reports. However, we would not see Verizon present at the event of Nokia/Microsoft.

If we go by our sources, AT&T will be the first carrier to get WP8 devices under their name, but Verizon will soon follow. Bloomberg’s claims have been quite accurate up till now. Let’s hope this one comes out to be true as well.



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