Lumia Game #68: Tiny Bee Free

Lumia Game #68: Tiny Bee Free

Here’s another game that has been quite a popular game on the iOS and Android platform and has now come to Windows Phone.

Tiny Bee is a type of gravity slider game. You are required to glide the bee through various hills and obstacles. The aim is to collect honey before a thunderstorm erupts. It is a simple yet fun game to place. As you keep moving ahead in the game, the levels keep getting difficult and challenging.

WP users can download the game from Marketplace by paying a price of $0.99. There will be 20 levels and 12 achievements to be unlocked.Users can also share their high score with others and challenge their friends in the game through Scorelopp.

If you’re not sure as to whether you’ll like the game or not, you can first download the demo to know about the in-game fun and features.

App price: Free


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