Nokia Lumia 820, Windows Phone 8 phone leaked. Again!

Nokia Lumia 820, Windows Phone 8 phone leaked. Again!

Espoo’s latest phone, Nokia Lumia 820 an entry level handset powered by Windows Phone 8 has yet again been located in a string of hands-on pictures. The details cam up right after the promo pictures were published on Twitter. The leak has followed the earlier detailed give away of the flagship Lumia 920 phone.

The screen of the device appear about 4.3-inch long and it appears that the phone shall have a lot of color options. There is also a rumor that says that the RAM shall be a letdown with just 335MB of memory. The phone shall have a traditional Carl Zeiss camera with data and connectivity support from T-Mobile and AT&T. Verizon might also support a variant of the phone. Other details of the phone and its specifications are not yet available.

Both Microsoft and Nokia have a joint event on 5th September in New York where it is expected that they shall bring forth the Lumia 820 right along with Lumia 920. Lumia 920 is rumored to have a larger screen with 4.5 inch display with comparatively more powerful insides. Lumia 820, on the other hand, shall cater to be a mid range phone and the Lumia 920 shall come at a comparatively higher price.

The images were previously coded as ‘Arrow” and the pictures had been quite similar to the ones revealed lately. It was only when a closer look was taken at the latest ones that one was confirmed that the phone was definitely the Lumia 820.



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