Current Lumia phones to get price drop, because of WP8

Current Lumia phones to get price drop, because of WP8

It is a very common practice that the older devices make way for the newer ones by a steep fall in their prices. Such strategy is adopted to make sure that there is always a demand for old devices and the coming of the latest version does not eat up its entire market. Business strategists know that if there is a section of population who demands latest and top notch devices, there also exists another section that do not really care about possessing the top in the line. Tech giant , Apple Inc is a well known follower of this practice and now, Nokia might also do something similar.

According to a report published in The New York Times, Nokia might be thinking of reducing the prices of a few of its old Lumia devices in order to create a market for its latest technological breakthrough, the Windows Phone 8 hardware. The markets are already full of Lumia 900 which comes as cheap as $50. So, what we all await now, is by how much shall these prices be reduced and how low can it really go? The next big question that comes forth is whether a free Lumia be capable enough to create a market for WP8.



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