Nokia Lumia 800 Prices Are Decreasing

Nokia Lumia 800 Prices Are Decreasing

Nokia Lumia 800 is known as the first Window Phone, launched by this Finnish company. It is stylish and a great performer too. Launch of new Lumia phone, 920 and 820 is causing a decrease in the price of this smart phone. Lumia 800 is available in low price than ever before.

Nokia Lumia 800 is a user friendly gadget and is packed with 8 Mega pixel cameras, 16 GB memory and a large number of Nokia software like Nokia Maps, music, radio and Nokia drive. Different companies are offering best deals for Nokia 800. This phone is available on two year contact from 7 dollars to 16 dollars per month. The price of Nokia Lumia 800 is different by different vendors. You can get it 265 dollars to 300 dollars. These prices are simply amazing as compared to those, which we see in previous months, right after the launch of Lumia 800.



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