Nokia Lumia 820 Announced, Specs Inside

Nokia Lumia 820 Announced, Specs Inside

Nokia Lumia 820 also has Windows Phone 8 operating system like his bigger brother 920. This smartphone has been introduced with wireless charger. The design of this handset is unibody and OLED screen is 4.3 inch long. The screen resolution of this phone is 800 x 480 pixels. This Nokia phone has high brightness mode and user can read the screen even in sunlight, however, it is not considered as something unusual.

Processor of Lumia 820 is 2.5Hz dual core, Snapdragon S4, which makes this device not only fast but power saving as well. The RAM is 1GB, which enables it to work smoothly. User can store 8GB data and microSD slot is also available to enhance the storage capacity. In short, it’s a great smartphone for the Nokia users.



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