All about Nokia Navigation apps: Maps, Drive, Transport, City Lens

All about Nokia Navigation apps: Maps, Drive, Transport, City Lens

Nokia officials are really hopeful about the future of their new Nokia phones.  New features of Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 have been revealed today.  Some applications, which are considered as Nokia’s signature apps, are presented in these gadgets in an extended way. For instance, Nokia Maps will work even offline in these smartphones and users will be able to integrate walk navigation.

Nokia Maps is an amazing app, which was introduced in 2001. It’s a free mapping service which is available for all Nokia users; either they are using mobile phones or smartphones. This app has maps of more than 180 countries and these maps are available in 46 different languages. Moreover, these maps are equally useful for pedestrians and drivers. The view will be more real and venue maps will also be available for the Nokia Lumia users.

Nokia Drive is an amazing feature, which is designed for the drivers particularly. This features offer voice guidance on every turn. You can access million of places and can visit a large number of places, easily. You can also get speed limit warnings as well. The interface of this drive is really easy to use inside the car.

Nokia Transport, another Nokia app, has been updated in these Lumia gadgets.  Nokia transport is a great pp for the travels, as they can find nearby stations with the help of this app. Moreover, it can also help in knowing the departure times.  With the help of improved features in Nokia Lumia, user will be able to remember his last search. Users can change their search without doing any changes in journey view. It is more user friendly and it is integrated with Nokia Map walk navigation for Lumia users.

Nokia City Lens is also better in these Window Phones. Nokia lens is another interesting app, which is quite informative too. It offers you information about a particular city. User will turn on the app, while moving in any particular city and he can get the information about shops, restaurants, libraries and any other important point.  Users can also get information about the important contact number about that particular location.


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