All New Nokia Lumia Accessories

All New Nokia Lumia Accessories

With the launch of Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Nokia has launched a series of accessories as well, which will be compatible with these gadgets of Nokia. A Bluetooth speaker, which can paired with NFC, has a charging pad too. It is offered in black, white and cyan colors.

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate.

Wireless charging plate and stand uses inductive charging technology. It is available for Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 as well. Users can charge the phone without plugging a cable in these Window Phones. These charging plates are Qi compatible, which means user can use any wireless charger, which they feel suitable for them and even different users can exchange their chargers too. Charging stands are also useful for multi taking users. You can hear the volume on the phone, while it will keep charging at the same time. Moreover, these wireless chargers are easy to use and you don’t have to restrict yourself near a plug, while your phone is charging. You can keep working and use your phone as well. Different wireless charging shells are also available for Nokia Lumia 820 users. Everyone can pick the color of his choice. Yellow, blue, red, white and black, user can pick any color.

Nokia Wireless Charging Stand.

Fatboy rechargeable pillow is another charging device, which looks like a pillow and made up of fabric. It is soft like a pillow. You can choose from a verity of color or you can match your pillow with the color of your Lumia.

Nokia Fatboy Charging Pillow.

These cordless charging devices make these smartphone more user friendly. Busy user can use these Lumia gadgets much more easily without spending hours on charging. The price and availability of these accessories is not clear yet but it is assumed that these accessories will be available for the users, with these and future Nokia smartphones. All Lumia users are anxiously waiting for these accessories.


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