Try Nokia’s City Lens, now available for free!

Try Nokia’s City Lens, now available for free!

Nokia city lens is an amazing app, which is appreciated by all Nokia Window Phone users. This app helps in knowing all the important places in any city.

Nokia initiated a trail few months back about the availability of this application in the market place. A lot of people participated in this voting and left their feedback. After this trail, now this app is available in the market place and everyone can easily download it and install it.

The commercial availability of this app is good news for all smartphone users. Its beta app and we are expecting new apps in near future. For Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia City lens has been improved and it has some interesting enhancements too. The names of shops and other interesting places are accurately superimposed onto the buildings. Building surfaces are easily visible now. The effect is really clear and user can easily interpret the labels. Correct mapping has made this app more useful.

QR code – Nokia City Lens Beta



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