Nokia Preloads Full Offline Maps for Lumia WP8 Devices

Nokia Preloads Full Offline Maps for Lumia WP8 Devices

Nokia has introduced its location based app, for its Nokia Lumia series. Nokia received a large number of requests that Nokia should make this app available offline too, as they did with Nokia Drive.

As Nokia has evolved Window Phones, so this app is available on new Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. But, what does offline availability mean? In simple words, offline maps means that users will get maps in phone and they can also save data. This way they can save a lot of money too.

Nokia Maps also include, pedestrian navigation and user will get voice guidance on every turn and user will be guided towards right destination. Nokia Map also offers augmented reality view, which let the users to see the actual places, where they want to go.

Venue maps is another features offered in this app. You can see actually inside the shopping malls, stadiums, restaurants and other public places.

Nokia Maps have a link to Nokia drive too, which is helpful in using the two apps, easily. Nokia Lumia smartphone have these app since last year, but in Lumia 920 has the updated version of this app.



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