How To: Transfer Office Docs to Nokia Lumia

How To: Transfer Office Docs to Nokia Lumia

This article is dedicated to explain you on how to transfer Office documents from your PC device to Nokia Lumia Smart Phone.

In fact, there is no direct possible way to transfer your Office documents to your Nokia Lumia smart phone. The Zune software can only be used to transfer media files like audios, videos and images. It does not allow syncing for documents. However, there are some indirect methods which can be used for the required purpose. Here is a step by step detailed procedure to be followed.

Microsoft Skydrive:

  • Connect your Nokia Lumia smart phone with your PC using USB cable connecter.
  • Once syncing is complete, open up your internet browser on your PC device.
  • Go to www.skydrive.com. Microsoft Skydrive is a web hosting service that allows users to upload and sync data to cloud storage that can be accessed using your Web browser on any device.
  • Log in to your account. If you don’t have one, first create one at www.live.com
  • Once logged in, go to Add Files and browse the Office documents you want to upload.
  • As soon as they get uploaded, go to the Office app on your phone.
  • In app, go to locations and tap on Skydrive. You can see all your documents in there that you uploaded.

Windows Apps:

Apart from the typical method we just explained, there are many apps available in the Windows Marketplace that can be used to transfer office files directly from PC. These apps offer different price tags and functionality.

  • One such app is PC File Download which allows its users to directly transfer the office files to the phone from PC.
  • There is one another app Evernote, which comes in both PC and mobile versions. So, if you upload one file to your PC app, it automatically gets synced with the mobile version as well.

Remember that these are just examples and you may find many more similar apps that suit your requirements better.


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