Nokia Lumia Smartphones – beautiful unibody desing

Nokia Lumia Smartphones – beautiful unibody desing

Nokia Lumia smartphones are not like other phones in the market, they not only have latest technology but the color and designs are also unusual. Nokia’s head of design spoke about the design of Lumia series and said that design is all about look and feel. He said, their products are natural and he is proud to call them post industrial.

He said, when all other companies are just copying Apple, Nokia has come up with something original and unique in the form of Lumia 920. Lumia 920 has unique looks and we cannot find another phone which looks the same. It has polymer colors and the company calls these gadgets as super organic. Gorilla glass makes it more beautiful. The head of design related the assemblage of this Lumia phone to putting a ship in a bottle. Everyone says that iPhone are the best but Nokia has given a tough time to even Apple after the launch of these Lumia smartphones. At this time when all manufacturers are racing to create something new, Nokia come up with something really better. Apple is going to launch its new iPhone in a day and it will be interesting to see that how it will compete with Nokia now.



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