Nokia Lumia 920 – Some Amazing Hardware Features

Nokia Lumia 920 – Some Amazing Hardware Features

The new Nokia gadget Lumia 920 has a lot of new features and it is really hard to understand everything at once. Here are some hardware features of Nokia Lumia 920, an amazing Window Phone 8.

When you look at Nokia Lumia 920 you feel something different. It has not just the amazing looks, although it has resemblance with Nokia Lumia 800. 4.5 inch display screen gives it a unique look but the good part in the curved glass, which makes images much better. The touch screen of Nokia Lumia 920 is the fastest, thanks to the PureMotion HD+ display. The screen of Lumia 920 is 25 percent brighter as compared to other smartphones available in the market. You can use it even if you are wearing gloves, its super sensitive.

Wireless charging is another killing feature of Nokia Lumia 920. You have to put it on wireless charger and that’s all. They have introduced three different wireless chargers. The battery time of this Lumia gadget is 2000mAh, which can help Lumia 920 to work for long. You will find PureView camera at the back of this gadget, which has taken the images to a new level. The sensor and processing technology of this camera are better than all the others smartphone camera. Blur free videos and images are something new, when it comes to Smartphones. Optical image stabilization technology has been introduced in Lumia 920, which is introduced in this gadget for the first time. The performance of this smartphone is better even in low light.

Now everyone is anxiously waiting for the price of this smartphone.



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