Lumia App #83: Nokia Counters

Lumia App #83: Nokia Counters

Nokia has introduced many application and Nokia counters is one of them. It allows the users to track their calls, messaging and other data use, every month. This app is helpful, particular for those, who have limited budget.

Nokia counters is available on Window Phones. This app will allow you know about your allowance, how much you have used and what is left. You can keep an eye on your budget easily. Nokia counter is easy to use as it has very simple interface. Calls, messaging and data are available in three different boxes, so you can easily access your usage.

To start using this device, you have to put your details into the app, manually, as you know about your tariff details and no one else can fill this. It is easy to use and makes this app more personal. You have to tap on the related icons, for instance, if you tap on data icon, you will see the details of the whole month. This displays the downloaded data, uploaded data and all the things you have shared with others. By regular use of this app, you can save your money and can plan your budget in a better way.

Nokia counter is a cost effective way to control you budget tariff.




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