Secret Revealed: What is PureMotion HD+ on Nokia Lumia 920

Secret Revealed: What is PureMotion HD+ on Nokia Lumia 920

Congratulations to all the Lumia fans! The all new Nokia Lumia 920 has been released along with its younger version, Nokia Lumia 820. This is the first Windows 8 phone by the Finnish company and is planned to roll under the Pure View brand. Though the smart phone is equipped with an 8 MP PureView camera rather than the powerful 41 MP camera that came with the Nokia PureView 808; with real optical image stabilization system, Lumia 920 surprises with the high-quality Carl Zeiss optics that is first time to be ever seen.

But there is something exciting that makes this smart phone even smarter and exceptional to the list. It’s the new PureMotion HD+ technology that marks its arrival accompanying a better display that has never been seen before. This display technology works on the principle of response time, which is the time taken by a pixel to change from white to black and turn back. If the frame rate is more than this response time, you get a blurred screen. The developers from Nokia have worked to lesser this time period from a normal 16ms to 9ms. They have used an overdrive process to provide a temporary high voltage to the display so that the pixels change at a higher speed. This concept has lead to a better display in terms of scrolling the screen as well as allows higher frame rates to be handled very easily like in high-tech games and high resolution videos.

One another technology that has been developed is ClearBlack, which is an automatically activating system for adjusting brightness, color and contrast details by using a polarizing filter to cut off the reflections, to compensate for lighting and intended to deliver a clear display without any user input.

The 4.3” display of Nokia Lumia 920 has a high resolution of 1,280 x 768, a little higher than HD and is therefore referred as “HD+” to account for its ‘better than HD’ performance. With a display aspect retio of 15:9, it will be a great deal for web browsers, gamers as the thumb reaches more easily to the top and cover the entire scroll.

With its ‘super-sensitive’ ClearPad capacitive touch screen, you can even operate the phone with your finger nails, pen or even with gloves on. But no need to be insecure about the ‘harsh’ handling as the screen comes with a Gorilla Glass layer on top. So, be “scratch-free”.

The phone is yet to arrive for sale in the market and is expected by November. Looking at the features, we think there might be an auction held to bid for the first grab. Let’s see, who will be that lucky one!


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