Nokia Lumia 920 Will Be Available Through EE 4G, in UK

Nokia Lumia 920 Will Be Available Through EE 4G, in UK

Nokia made an announcement, that the new Nokia Lumia 920 will be available through Everything Everywhere. The smartphone will be available on 4G network of the company for a short period of time.

In the beginning, the smartphone will be available through EE but later it will be available on other networks also and people will be able to use it as a SIM free device. However, few officials of the Nokia are insisting that company is still thinking about the availability of the phone and no announcement has been made yet.

EE has unveiled the 4G, but it’s not clear that when the 4G devices will be available for the public. It seems that EE will make a decision is coming weeks. Beside Lumia 920, there are chances that Lumia 820, HTC one and Huawei Ascend will also be available on the 4G of EE.

Many other companies have also tried the exclusive periods in the past and they are common in other industries as compared to mobile phone market. We can find an example in case of Microsoft’s Xbox as few games were exclusively available on this gadget before they were available for users of PS3 of Sony.

It is expected that everyone will use Nokia Lumia 920; even he is not an EE client.



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