Differences Between Nokia DRIVE and Nokia MAPS

Differences Between Nokia DRIVE and Nokia MAPS

Here are some of the key points of differences between Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps:

Nokia Drive is an application for turn by turn voice-guided drive navigation. It is mainly oriented for driving purposes generating a route for the selected destination and then rightly guiding you there. On the other side, Nokia Maps is a map application which shows your current position and interesting places around you. Nokia Maps provides also routing information for planning a route to remote destinations.

Nokia Maps app is available on all Windows Phones and you can download it from the Marketplace if you don’t have it installed in your device already. However, Nokia Drive is only available exclusively for Nokia users.

You can download Nokia Maps for a specified region and use them later. However, you cannot download a route on Nokia Drive between two destinations.

Nokia Maps can only be used while you are connected to internet. However, there is an ‘offline’ mode available for Nokia Drive which allows you to use the app with downloaded Maps without any internet connection.

Nokia Drive offers Traffic navigation feature so that if there is any road block or accident in the middle of the route, the app will calculate a new route to the destination. However, there is no such feature for Nokia Maps.

Nokia Drive is drive navigation whereas Nokia Maps is mainly a walk navigation used by travelers for finding the famous destinations or some local areas of interest.

We cannot compare the two apps as they both serve their purpose successfully in their specific fields of requirement. Still, Nokia Drive is a little advanced over Nokia Maps due to its speed and audio alerts but on the other side, Nokia Maps also give you a true insight of the destination with their photos, reviews, etc. that will put you on the top.


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