New Models of Mobile

New Models of Mobile

The smartphone has become, it sometimes seems, the only thing worth caring about in the 21st century. Wherever you are whatever you’re doing it can ameliorate the experience with a range of interactive tools. No matter how inconsequential a task you might be completing with a smartphone you can let other people see you do it, and comment on how they once did something similar. But which smartphone should they do this on? The marketplace is a big one, and you’ll want the latest model from http://www.phones4u.co.uk. Here’s a quick rundown of one of the models available to you.

Nokia Lumia 800
No-one could claim that Nokia still retains the stranglehold of the mobile phone market as it once did. In fact for many years the giant seemed to be sleeping, but with the Lumia 800 it seems as if they have been roused from their slumber. Winningly described by Nokia themselves as ‘easier, faster, funner, the Lumia 800 is perfect for those put off by the technological clutter of some of its competitors. Its touchscreen at 3.7 inches is also undeniably smaller than the average, but that said the camera is undeniably a cut above with an 8 Megapixel camera, augmented by Carl Zeiss optics, and a range of social media tools instantly at your fingertips when you do close the shutter.

It comes with 16GB internal memory which means that as a media machine to store pictures, music and video it has ample space. Nokia have also tried hard to ensure that the Lumia 800 experience does feel self-enclosed by creating Nokia Music and a variety of standalone apps to augment the overall user experience. While the Lumia 800 certainly feels more ‘lightweight’ than the competition, in more ways than one, it is not trying to be anything it’s not and fights its own corner admirably.


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