Nokia Is Investigation Camera Fiasco On Lumia 920 Launch

Nokia Is Investigation Camera Fiasco On Lumia 920 Launch

Nokia revealed its newest phone line with similar branding like Lumia, yet it runs on a Windows Phone 8 system. The phones have go through the marketplace with greater anticipation that this would be the last chance of Nokia to recuperate some of their footings, which has been lost in the market of smartphones, and it happens to be the only possible hope for the company, right before it could run up in downbeat margins.

Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship device of the company and somewhat speculated for having the best phone camera in which any of the smartphone has ever seen yet. Before the big event, the public relation team of Nokia has simply shown the teaser video depicting the video demo and illustration calming capabilities of the camera. These simply ensue to be the main features of the phone itself. However, the video them emerged and not intended for conveying the detail that this Nokia smartphone version is merely competent of all these things, as it is a matter of fact not.

Moreover, it has been exposed that its video is simply not anything more than just a simulation, which has been also filmed with professional camera. There are also some sort of images that are being snapped to show the ability of the phone to just click down the photos even it is under the dim light. This thing has also turned to be false in accordance to some fresh studies. Nokia rapidly respond with their apology and simply noted the vide as confusion that it had no any sort of intention in terms of compelling people that the video was then original. Now the company launched their internal investigation regarding the fault. While the results of research would take some instance and while it has been a truthful mistake, it led up to the loss of faith as well as goodwill among the customers. It is simply something that is totally precious in the market of smartphones.


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