Using Nokia City Lens On Nokia Lumia 900

Using Nokia City Lens On Nokia Lumia 900

For just a little time ago, people got wind up about the application City Lens for Nokia 900. At this time, it was still in the form of Beta, yet it is now certified and accessible for download from the Market Place. For those people who have not yet heard of this thing. The Nokia City Lens is actually the boosted application based upon the location. This app simply make uses of a view-finder of the phone camera and provides a place on top view of the buildings and highlight the interesting places near upon your location.

Moreover, the Nokia City Lens gives out the best information of the shops, restaurants, museum and other areas that will interest you nearby the location you are in. It even helps the information of the user about the places just like its space from you as well as the ranking of the institution. With this application, you could definitely use it when looking out for places you will be interested in and get the best of information even without making researches on it on the web.

Apart from those, the device is merely capable though it is now on its way out. Well, there is a great competition regarding the smartphones and most of them are powerful enough to beat the others. However, Nokia can’t just give out without a fight. Nokia Lumia 900 has been considered as one of the most capable Windows Phone 7.5 devices around, not to mention that the handset has about 16GB inner storeroom while the display measures 4.3 inches obliquely and happens to be one of the AMOLED diversity with 400 by 800 pixel resolution. It even comes out with 8MP shooter right at its back panel, while the frontal bezel is a home for the 1.3MP video call camera.


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