Exclusive Viber app for Lumia Phones

Exclusive Viber app for Lumia Phones

Nokia Lumia 900 have been headed up into the retirement homes and it’s successor, the Lumia 920 has simply reached up the official status right after it has been revealed by the Finnish maker Nokia just last week. In despite of that, this handset version then has lots of fight in it and it simply comes with the applications, which has then become available for the phone itself.

Recently, there has been Nokia City Lens for the version of Lumia 900 and exited the Beta stage and is merely available for the download within the market place, so users could definitely take its advantage. For those people who do not know any of it, this app simply brings out the boosted reality feature for the Nokia Lumia 900 by just using out the phone’s viewfinder of the phone’s rear shooter.

Now, there is already the popular application that runs on Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP has then become truly available for the Windows Phone platform, yet it would even become an exclusive thing for the Lumia 900 and the other devices of Lumia as well. With this application, the users of this handset could now simply enjoy messaging and voice calls for their phones that users are simply enjoying for such a very long time. On the other hand, though the app of Viber application would then become available for the other handsets that are not anymore supported by Nokia Windows Phone. It would only become limited for the features like messaging, while this phone would simply have full array of the features itself.

Viber now offers Nokia Windows Phone 7 users free HD-quality phone calls and group messaging in addition to free text and photo messages. This version was developed in partnership with Nokia and is currently available exclusively on Nokia Lumia phones.

On the other news, Viber already announced that they would release the version that works only for messaging for the S40 devices of Nokia. As for the moment, there is no simple news yet if Viber simply plans to come out with the version of the application for WP8.



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