Little history of Nokia smarthphones

Little history of Nokia smarthphones

Before, the Finnish manufacturer Nokia has been one of the leaders in the mobile phone industry. The E & N Series of the company devices, which has been always the toast of the smartphone town right back then. The only thing is that, all of the good things must come into an end. The start of the great end for Nokia has been entranced for another competition in OEMs just like Apple, Samsung and HTC. This thing has then downgraded Nokia right at the back seat of the things and should be contented with watching those men of the market divide the entire spoils all about themselves.

The second lease of Nokia comes to life when it has entered the strategic partnership together with some of the giant Microsoft software to start producing the handsets for the WP platform. With this thing, Nokia has a great shop for being relevant in the market once again, and simply wasted no time for its bid. It then released Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 late last year and this has been followed by the manufacturer’s flagship, which is the Lumia 900 4G that has been already released within the United States via AT&T.

Just a couple of day’s back and fresh from the press events, the company then introduced its newest line of WP8 devices. Nokia has simply proven why it has become one of the manufacturers all through the day. With the presentation of Nokia Lumia 920, it is simply apparent that Nokia has pulled out all of the stops just to make sure that the device will become a great success.

When it comes to aesthetics and designs, Lumia 920 looks very much similar for the Nokia Lumia 900. The device simply leads down to becoming a solid build quantity through there isn’t much complaints going on about the device.



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