Navigation War: Nokia Maps vs Apple Maps

Navigation War: Nokia Maps vs Apple Maps

Navigation is now one of the most desirable tools that the users have recognized to be very important for a smart phone. Whether you are in search of the tourist places or want turn by turn directions within two destinations, maps are always helpful to watch your step. Nokia maps are now in the game from 2001 and they have their website as well for free. But with the release of iPhone 5, Apple has also launched their maps application. Though, the application is in beta version for now, but Apple has ensured to not bring an incomplete part out of the box. Here is a comparison of the two apps:

First, as Nokia Maps has developed over a considerable lap of time, they are obvious to support more locations and routes than Apple Maps.

Nokia Maps is available for 190 countries with high quality data while Apple has just launched its maps applications and will be available in limited regions for now.

Voice guided turn-by-turn navigation (with Nokia Drive) in over 110 countries. Similar feature is found in apple maps as well but to a lesser extent of coverage area.

-Vector map data of whole countries or regions (e.g. US states) are available for offline use which is much more reliable and versatile than caching in Google Maps. However, no such feature has yet been found in Apple Maps.

Live traffic information and traffic rerouting is available for both apps but more versatile in Nokia Maps.

3D and satellite views of locations are available in Nokia Maps. On the other hand, Apple Maps includes the ‘Flyover’ view which offers three-dimensional images taken by helicopters hired by the company to fly over major cities. But it does not support Satellite view for the time being.

Nokia has developed a website for the mobile version. Therefore, the maps will now be available for a large number of platforms including Windows Phone, Symbian, MeeGo (as app), iOS and Android as well. However, Apple Maps have been specifically designed for the latest iOS 6.0 version of Apple devices.

Apple’s map program will be integrated with its Siri virtual assistant so that you can ask for directions and pose other questions. This feature is exclusive to Apple devices only.

In Nokia Maps, you can share your favorite places with your friends via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter.

As iPhone 5 is yet to be available for sale, we have not yet checked out Apple Maps. But being it’s the debut of the app, it will take some time for the company to cope with the well established Nokia Maps. However, they have added some nice features to start with. But we will have to wait for the final verdict to be declared.


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