Windows Phone 7.8 for Lumia 800 – Pics and Video

Windows Phone 7.8 for Lumia 800 – Pics and Video

Nokia is on the mobile industry and now, it is taking out its newest baby in the form of Nokia Lumia. Apparently, one of the people from a certain website known as windowsmania.pk have taken up their hands for the Windows Phone 7.8 ROM for the Lumia 800. It even has it coming up and running, as seen upon the pictures and videos below. This is certainly the first thing that you could see for the Windows Phone 7.8 on the device, which is actually not the Nokia Lumia 900.

Moreover, you may not even think that it has been spotted for some of the HTC and Samsung phones as well. These phones could not give you the real skinned application that simply lies into the fact that the hub animations of the people work and simply shuffle down the contacts. It simply works unlikely all of the other skins and applications.

Nokia Lumia 800 works great and everybody are just too exited to get this one. Nokia Lumia is not just something one can use and that’s that. This thing is not only for calls and for short messaging. This is for the reason that one could also use it for entertainment like music on mp3s, play videos or even short online. Everybody would just love this thing and you will too.

Apart from those, since it is powered by Windows operating system, you will also enjoy using applications that runs on the OS and reap down the benefit of it all. Nokia Lumia is simply an all in one smart phone you can count on, not to mention that it has a camera that you cannot just use for taking pictures but for best quality videos as well. So, what are you waiting for? Nokia Lumia is simply the best phone you can just get.



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