Nokia Lumia 920 TG-SCDMA coming to China Mobile

Nokia Lumia 920 TG-SCDMA coming to China Mobile

The news that greatly affect people, but then an important for the interests of Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft is that, Nokia already unveiled that the China Mobile operator simply wants and would like to have its own catalog of Nokia Lumia 920. Moreover, the head of Nokia China, Huang Gouqjang has then published on the China’s social network, giving out that the model TG-SCDMA connectivity would be then become available into the largest operator with a good number of customers around the world.

On the other hand, the most curious thing about the news upon the competition to be into the catalog of the operator, for the reason that it is still do not have any closed into the agreement with Apple as well as with the newly released Apple phone, which is iPhone 5.

With the million customers of China Mobile, it represents that there are about 70% of mobile customers within the country. The press has even taken out Sun Yi’s fast response. He is then the chief executive of China Telecom, which is the other master operator, which has 200 million of customers. Giving out that they would never have Nokia model, yet there are options for Samsung and HTC.


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